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Closure of Paypal/Stripe Payment

We regret to inform to our customers that we will no longer be accepting payments using Stripe/Paypal. Here's why: We understand that most of the time we are the "last resort" store to order when items are sold out on their local region. Because of that the oversea customer base we attract are using us as a backup purchase site if they couldn't get their item locally when the said items are released in the open market. So often or not when the said preordered item are available in 2nd hand market we often get chargeback and refund request. This is become increasingly common.

All items that are ordered are paid upfront by us, such refunds will leave us with negative balance and occupy storage spaces. These items will often take a long time to be sold and at a loss. Thus we will be switching off Stripe/Paypal payments. We are sorry that genuine customers are affected by this. However, for those that still wishes to shop here via card payment, you can message us via chat box to enable wekestore gift card purchase. It will serve as credit for the store and are harder to do a refund. Alternatively customers can register an account on to transfer the payment into our account.


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