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April 2022 Giveaway

Hi, we are giving a few items for the month of April! Simply leave a message Mash2023 to join Mash Kyrielight's draw and SakuraRem2023 to join Sakura Miku/Rem Draw. Winner will be posted on telegram/edited in original post when the draw is done.

All draw pre-requisite: Join our telegram subscription

Mash Kyrielight Requirement: Anyone can join, just subscribe to telegram subscription Sakura Miku, Rem Requirement: Customers that have preordered/purchased item in the month of april will get 1 chance. For every item, it's a +1 chance

You may enter for multiple items as long as you meet the requirements.

We reserve the right to disqualify any entry/change the prize/amend the conditions. Only shipping cost in singapore will be covered.


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