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About Wekestore


Weke_ was first started in A free to list eCommerce platform and specialize in video games, anime product and electronics. In recent times, Carousell has wrongly suspended our selling rights a few times and introduction of unfavorable new rules led us to create a back up site or eventually a main site to communicate and sell our items without a third party interrupting our process.

At mid August 2020 we have made a decisions to move our listing from Carousell to create our own website here due to policy changes of the mentioned platform which limit our ability to perform our task properly

*Extra Note : This webstore is run by the owner only, I'm not prolific when it comes to website building/IT or even graphic. I understand it may look like a shady site but do drop me a message if you wish to give me a chance.

Do subscribe to our telegram channel for listing updates!

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