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June 2022 Giveaway (ENDED)

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Welcome to our June 2022 giveaway !

Instructions: Join our telegram channel to participate

2. After which, enter the following text to this chat to participate

Tier 1: Qipao Yukino - Available to all (TIER 1 ON CAROUSELL ONLY)

Tier 2: Uniform Bunny Ear Mai - For past customers only


Tier 3: Bakugo - For customer that preordered/bought on hand on the month of June 2022 only BAKUGOJUNE2022

Each person will have 1 entry, you may enter for all 3 tier if you meet the requirement for all.

For those with telegram code will get double chance(so total 2 chance) but may only choose to multiply the chance on 1 of the tier. Enter the code in chat to use and let us know the tier

Giveaway will end on 30th june

Singapore meet up/delivery only

Other T&C may apply


Winners Qipao Yukino - pastdecade

Uniform Bunny Ear Mai - travelerw

Bakugo - koko1310


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